Zbigniew Żołnierowicz

I code, and I also can make a great grilled cheese sandwich.


My name is Zbigniew Żołnierowicz, and I've been coding for approximately 3 years, though only as a hobby.

I first started by learning the usual - HTML, CSS and some basics of JavaScript. That was around the time when I was in middle school, with the help of my school teachers. Once I hit high school, I picked up C++ (then dropped it) and Python, dabbled with Go, but then I found my calling:

I wanted to be a web developer.

So I marathoned a ton of Udemy courses, read documentation, watched people like Jeff Delaney's Fireship, conferences (especially this one by my programming hero - Jake Archibald), and thought:

"Yeah, I like this."

So what do I know?

I've started with the basics, of course - HTML5 and CSS3 are my bread and butter, with Sass being my bread knife. I then learned Vue.js, because I liked the way the components were organized into single files. After that, I discovered Angular 2+, because of the aforementioned Fireship, and libraries like RxJS, RxFire and angularfire. At that point I also got to know Google Firebase, and it became my place to prototype my apps, since it's so easy to use and roll out web apps. Other things I know include:

  • state management libraries like VueX
  • TypeScript
  • React.js, Emotion and Gatsby.js
  • Express.js
  • SQL
  • GraphQL
  • Linux (my system of choice, though I can pivot to macOS or Windows)

(emboldened technologies are ones I know well and am confident in using)