A bit about myself.
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Good day!

My name is Zbigniew Żołnierowicz, though, because I'm Polish, most of my friends just call me Zed. I'm (at the time of writing this post - 2020 June 15th) almost 20 years old, I recently finished technikum (basically a vocational high school).

What do I do other than development?

To quote Jake Archibald from his In The Loop talk: "Oh shit. When did this happen?".

I sometimes feel like the only thing I do all day is code, but I actually have other interests! Shocking, right?


As most people my age, I love playing video games, with a dream of making my own some day. I intend to attend a university with that in mind - one that has a CS major paired with a focus on game development and design.

Segue-ing into my next hobby - it's speedruns, speedrun techniques, tool-assisted speedruns and "playing games the wrong way". I don't speedrun myself, I just enjoy watching people like Summoning Salt and his The History of Speedrun World Records and Stryder7x, with his Paper Mario videos.


Other than games, I just like general tinkering with my devices - I run LineageOS on my phone, I have a personal server, I dualboot Windows and Linux. Moddability has also become a major factor in my purchasing decisions - for example, I will never buy any Huawei product, plainly and simply because they don't have any way to unlock the bootloader and sideload a new ROM.


I am a big preponent of projects that aim to take away the power of big corporations, especially the so-called "Fediverse", which you can learn more about here. I'm sort of not that into blockchain, but I definitely think it is the future of the internet. That, along with IPFS.

The image used as the thumbnail is made by Daniel Korpai, and is licensed on the Unsplash License.